Peter Manfredo, Sr.

Peter Manfredo, Sr.

My gym is based in SmithField, RI where I've been teaching students of all ages and experience for years. Whether you're interested in competition, self-defense, or just getting in shape you're in good hands here.

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    40+ years of experience coaching boxing
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    Coached 1,000+ individuals from amateurs to professionals
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    Former professional kickboxing champion of the world and professional boxer
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Who can join?

Everyone. I’m currently coaching people from 12 to 60+ years old with various classes based on age. A monthly membership gains you access to multiple classes per week. Private coaching sessions are also available.

Why sign up now?

If you're serious about learning boxing, I'll teach you the same techniques I've taught to titled professionals and some proper conditioning. This isn't Barry's Bootcamp, memberships are limited.

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